A Busy Sunday


We were back at work today.  The morning started with a site tour for the staff. Then it was on to our outreach program. We hosted four 4th grade classes today and fun was had by all as they learned about various aspects of archaeology.


Grid Supervisor Adam Aja demonstrates one possible use of a worked stone blade to a student.


Students learn about surveying and how we take levels. 


A student holds a bottle he found during excavation. It's a more modern bottle but an archaeological discovery nonetheless. 


Grid Supervisor Kate Birney helps some students sift their dirt.


It's hard to read, but this student is holding a coin from 1949. 

We have four more sessions tomorrow, a final two on Tuesday and then on Wednesday, we welcome our volunteers to Tel Shimron and the season officially starts.

Tomorrow, look for the tale of The Shade Cloth.