The Weekend

Two photos to share today while the volunteers are off on a tour of archaeological sites.

Co-directors will do anything to get the perfect photograph even if it means helping to provide a little shade. 


Volunteers walk their tools down the tel from Grid 23/24 at the end of their first week. 


Our first two days of excavation were busy ones. In Grid 92, work uncovered more occupation dated to the early and mid-20th century. In Grid 94, they continued removing agricultural alluvium as they worked towards an, as of yet undated, occupational level found in a probe. And in Grid 23/24, work uncovered walls in four of the six squares being excavated. It was, by any measure, a successful start to the excavation. 

Tomorrow is another day off. Volunteers will go on a second tour while staff members catch up on book work and meet with a specialist on Roman period ceramics.  We are back in the field bright and early Monday morning.