The Staff at Work

It's the last week of the excavation!

Above, the registrars discuss some artifacts. Co-Director Mario Martin excavates in the field (a rare privilege since he is often too busy). What's a zooarchaeologist to do when she wants to start a comparative collection? Why get someone to dig a hole for her, of course. Professor Kate Birney explains pottery to a student. Co-Director Daniel Master also finds some time to excavate in the field.

Even as we keep excavating, supervisors are writing their reports, preparing to draw sections, and double checking that all their books are up to date. In the pottery compound, the registrars are preparing the end of season Finds Display which will give everyone an opportunity to see some of the season's most interesting finds. (We'll definitely share pictures.) The volunteers leave on Saturday and then it is on to staff week when we will finish all our materials processing, put everything into storage and prepare to head home ourselves.