The Pottery Compound

We are at the midpoint of the season. Thursday the volunteers went on a tel tour and for the first time saw all the excavation areas. It was a fascinating journey that took them to Crusader, Mamluk, and Late Roman/Byzantine levels in Grid 23 to Late Hellenistic/Early Roman levels in Grid 94 and, finally, the Middle Bronze Age in Grid 92. And then Friday was the last day of excavation for our first half of the season volunteers. As they leave this weekend, we will be joined by new volunteers for the second half of the season as our work continues. 

As mentioned previously, much of that work happens not in the field, but rather in the pottery compound. In the pictures below, the archaeobotany team prepares samples for flotation and then examines the results. Our tech coordinator makes sure all the laptops are ready to go while other team members work on publication projects. And all these photos? They are taken by the dig photographer who takes photos in the field as well as photos of special objects in the studio.