The First Week


It's Friday and our first week is done. We had two great days of digging with local 4th and 7th graders. Next week, Sunday through Tuesday, we have three more days with local students before volunteers arrive on Wednesday and the dig season gets under way.

Today, we spent the morning preparing for the upcoming week. In Grid 94, where Kate Birney is directing and where we hope to find Hellenistic levels, supervisors dug a probe in Square 90.  


In Squares 80 and 91, supervisors worked on clearing the topsoil. 


In Grid 92 to the south, work has uncovered several modern features -- including a sewer and a coin dated to 1961 -- dating to the 20th century.

Both Grids 92 and 94 are located at the base of the tel. On Sunday, we begin preparing a third grid, located near the top of the tel, for excavation.


Grid 23/24

The season fast approaches. Check back soon for more stories from Tel Shimron.