Lunch in the Field

As is the case in most years, the pottery compound is the center of activity during the week. It's where the specialists work, where we process artifacts and, this year, where we eat breakfast and lunch. So what's it like to eat lunch in the field? On most days, it's straight forward. On other days, such as yesterday when high winds blew across the site, it can be a little more complicated.


First, when the shade cloth gets blown down, you have to help rehang it. On most days, however, we put the tools away and then everyone gets in line to wash their hands.


Then it becomes a waiting game as everyone gathers and waits for the lunch line to officially open. 


Soon enough, the line opens, everyone fills their plates and then finds a stool. 


Of course, before we eat we excavate. This week in Grid 94, Caroline found a loom weight in a room within what is probably a Late Hellenistic or Early Roman period building. 


We have one more day of digging this week and then it is on to the weekend!