The Registrar


We've talked a great deal about the pottery compound and all the things we do there from eating breakfast and lunch to washing pottery and processing artifacts. It's that last piece, processing artifacts, that we focus on today.

Every day we find pottery, bone, glass, metal and any number of other artifacts during excavation. Many of these go straight to specialists but eventually they all make their way, the special objects faster than others, into the hands of our registrar, Krystal. She has the awesome task of cataloging, as well as describing and identifying, everything we find. It's a lot of work but it also means she gets to see everything we find. Not a bad job if you can get it. That isn't all she does, however. Krystal makes sure the pottery compound runs smoothly, that everyone has a place to work and the tools they need, and, at the end of the day, that everything is put away to await another day of work. 

So, a shout out to our registrar Krystal who helps make sure that our days run according to plan!