Tel Tours

Staff and volunteers alike often get possessive about their dirt. Strange but true. When you spend a great deal of time uncovering your particular corner of Tel Shimron's history, it's easy to understand. You want to know what, where, when, and even why (if possible). It is equally true, however, that we are always curious about everyone else's dirt too. Twice a season, at the midpoint and near the end, volunteers and staff go on a tel tour where they have a chance to see all the excavation areas and ask questions. We went on such a tour last week as you can see in the pictures above. It was clear, as we visited each area, that we've come a long way from Week 1 when we started at ground level. Every area now has exposed architecture and interesting things to see.

We can't wait to see what the next two and a half weeks has in store for us.