The Shade Cloth

It is no small feat putting up a shade cloth. It is all that much more difficult when you need to get a 10 x 30 meter shade cloth up the steep incline of Tel Shimron. How did we do it? First, we packed it into the van.


Then we unpacked it and carried it into the excavation area.  (And, as you can see, it took much of the excavation staff to accomplish this.)


Next, we had to lay it out and make sure it was oriented correctly.


Once it was in position, we were able to start tying it to the poles and tightening it down. 


Finally, an hour later, the shade cloth was up and Grid 23/24 was ready for excavation.


The first step in excavating a new area? A 5 cm pass across the entire area to start removing the topsoil layer. Needless to say, though we got started and made a lot of progress, it will take some time to finish. Fortunately, we have teams of volunteers arriving soon and the pace of work will definitely pick up.


Check back to see our progress in Grid 23/24 as well as Grid 92 and Grid 94.