Seminars and First Day of Excavation

The pictures above are from Seminar Day. Volunteers got a tour of the site, learned about specialist fields including geology, archaeobotany, OCHRE, GIS, drone photography, and more while also enjoying lunch on site.

Today was all about excavation. In Grid 92, work continued to uncover 20th century occupation, the latest on site. In Grid 94, they hit their first stratified occupation levels (date to be determined). And, in Grid 23/24 volunteers removed the top 5 cm of topsoil across the grid. With a little help from one of the co-directors, they even started stringing the squares. 


Tonight, the expedition will hear a lecture from local residents about the recent history of Tel Shimron and the connections the communities of Timrat and Nahalal have to the site.  

Tomorrow we are back at work. The second day is often harder than the first but we'll all be on the bus at 5:00 am, more or less ready to go, and if we're moving a little slower...well, all we can say is that it does get easier.